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Things Will Never Be The Same 

In the beginning it was all about how much I had heard about Journey that made me buy it. Before Journey, I was a ‘call of duty only’ kind of guy and I would occasionally break the curse and play battlefield. After my first play-through, I was crying. Tears just kept coming and coming as I watched that white orb fly back to where I had come from. I wanted people to feel what I was feeling, to understand something about themselves that had always somehow hidden itself somewhere deep inside. In that moment I wanted everyone in the world to know about Journey. I still play Journey and I love how it makes me feel like I want to have kids someday. Each time I meet another being in the game I get the overwhelming urge to help them even as they take their time in committing every mistake possible just before I lend a hand, like a parent. I want to thank everyone at thatgamecompany and my first companion in Journey for giving me a gift that I will never be able to pay back.

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My first time playing through Journey I was mostly on my own. Today, as I played for a second time, I met a partner who showed me places I had never been. They helped me along the way all the while chirping back and forth.. When we finally reached the end we stood in the sand drawing hearts for each other. It made me really wish this person was my friend it was so bittersweet because I know I probably won’t meet them again. Goodbye my dear companion.

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A while ago i managed to gather all the symbols so i could play as a white cloak, and a friend of mine had recently bought journey. so we decided to try and meet up in game. (we kept in contact via fb so we knew if we had met in the game) and we agreed to meet in the first bit with the cloth bridges. at first when i arrived another white cloak flew over my head and disappeared into the doorway, I didn’t follow, i completed all the bridges then sat down by some rocks and waited for my friend, who i hoped would appear. suddenly my screen flashed white and a little red cloak hopped round the rocks! we chirped a few times (we had agreed to chirp once for no, twice for yes.) i check fb and we were pretty sure we had met up in game. I ran around showing him all the symbols he had missed then we continued on with the game. we had a great time in the surfing level. there was a few hairy moments when the flying armored monsters almost snagged my friend in their searchlight. I was frantically chirping to try and get him out of the way. At the very end when we were at the mountain, we danced around a bit before going through the pass. I actually felt sad that it was over, and when the credit music started up, i swear there were slight tears in my eyes.

it was a great experience to play with my friend who hadn’t played before, it just felt so much more personal for some reason. it was one of the journeys i have had with someone that i will happily remember

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Small Hope  

I’ve had Journey on my PS3 for quite some time, but for a while I hadn’t played because my PS3 had to get reset and I lost a good amount of data. So when I started my Journey again, I was back to the very first time I climbed the mountain. 

Immediately I was reminded of just how beautiful the world was, and how connected I got so quickly. Not long, I met my first companion after so long. Unfortunately though… it didn’t stay long. Before we made it out of the desert with freeing the kites, my companion disappeared into the sand. 

Crestfallen I continued through the desert, hoping to meet another companion in the next part of the Journey. I didn’t meet another companion the rest of the trip. 

The entire time, I realized in the underground coves with the Guardians just how terrifying it was when you didn’t have a second person with you. Or how lonely if felt on the mountain when you were climbing the slope by yourself and fall asleep, with no companion by your side. 

The rational part of me told me that it was just a game, but it felt like I had been lost and suddenly the ending of the game that normally made me feel so free and happy… I just felt sad. 

The next day, I tried again. I hoped that I met a person that would stick with me for the entire trip so we could walk together into that light on the end. I met a companion as normal, a red clock with a few more shades of gold trimmings above my own. 

Immediately I was swept under their wing. I knew a good portion of where the secrets were, but they showed me so many things I hadn’t seen before. When I first started this game, I had wanted to find the Flower in the desert. I had never found it before. I thought at one point my companion was heading out of the desert before we could find the Flower and I hadn’t known how to tell them I wanted to stay and find it. 

Instead of going off on my own and leaving them, I stayed. I’d rather be with my friend then find a Flower. 

Imagine my surprise when they led me right to the flower. I had chirped at them like a maniac afterwards, unsure how else to express how grateful I was to them. 

We continued on, through the desert and the underground and the temple. This was easily becoming the best time I had ever played Journey and reminded me again just how much I loved it. 

Coming to one of the last shrines with the wall, we escaped the snow for a moment and sat together on the perch. I had thought they needed to stop for a moment, but my heart sank when they slowly began to disappear. 

I was alone again, in the middle of the mountain, without a friend. 

With a heavy heart I continued, chirping now and then to see if by some miracle my friend would return back to me. 

I could have disconnected, but what pushed me was how badly I wanted to finish the game. Not just to finish it, but to know who my friend was and finish this Journey for them. 

It was hard and heavy to cross into the light again at the end of the game on my own. I felt that loneliness from the first time, but also I was thankful. My companion had made this all worth it to me again. At the end in the snow, I drew a heart and a “thanks” in tribute to them. 

So thank you, littilefootravag, for staying with me for so long and reminding me not all Journeys will be done alone. 

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Hi! I just wanted to say what a wonderful blog this is. I would dearly love to be able to show it to every single person who spouts off the tired old crap about video games bringing out the worst in people. It's pretty amazing reading everybody's heartwarming (and occasionally heartbreaking) stories, and I'd say every single one is proof that games can absolutely bring out the best in us too. Thank you for bringing this all together!

Aww, thank you so much for your beautiful and heartwarming message! I’m so happy you enjoy the blog.

At the moment, the videogame industry is being blighted by a lot of hatred and venom, particularly towards feminist journalists and women in the industry. At a time like this, when the voices of the hateful few are drowning out the rest, it’s even more important to know that gaming can bring out the best in people, too. It’s even more important to be proud members of communities filled with friendship and kindness :)

I played journey in white robe for ages now and most companions I had were second runners, but one time I met a second runner turned out to be a beginner! Do this happen to other players or is it just me?

Sometimes you might encounter a first-time player who is using a friend’s account, which would explain your companion’s inexperience :) I think it happens a lot!

I’ve played Journey about a thousand times. I’ve struggled with feelings of anxiety and depression a lot this past year, and it’s the perfect, no pressure kind of experience that I find super calming and cathartic. The type of companionship it offers is absolutely perfect, and I love nothing more than to skip around in my white cloak helping red cloaks find the secrets of the desert.

Yesterday, at the broken bridge, I encountered a red cloak on their way to one of the glyphs. I fluttered up, chirping, seeing if they’d want to travel together, but they seemed content to go their own way. I was fine with that, and went about my own business, grabbing up the glyphs, passing my fellow Journeyer every now and again. At one point, though, we happened to be going the same direction, so I offered my voice to help them fly. After that, when we reached the ancestor statue, they waited for me before stepping into the light.

We entered the pink sands together, but soon split up. It was clear that this person had been through the game probably as many times as I had and didn’t need me chirping obnoxiously at them. So, again, I went my own way with no hard feelings, again snatching up all the glyphs, going in the same order I’d become accustomed to.

But there they were again, just before we reached the tower, and we made our way up together and moved on to go sand surfing. After that, we traveled together with, what I felt, was a growing feeling of closeness all the way to the light at the top of the mountain, where I drew a heart for them in the snow.

The fact that they didn’t need me, nor I them really, but we still stuck together in this casual sort of camaraderie created what was probably one of the most pleasant Journey experiences I’ve had so far. It was calm, relaxing, undemanding. We each knew what to do and how to do it, and I can’t speak for them, but for me, it made me feel like there was something a little more pure about it that way, like sticking with me was just for the pleasure of my company, which is kind of silly if you think about it but I don’t know, that’s just the kind of feeling it created for me.

Anyway, thanks, AerinLuna, for sticking with me and being a positive presence. It was great traveling with you :)

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First: If my english is too bad, correct me. I’m from Germany and it’s a looong time ago that I have to write a longer text in english!

This was my first journey, I played the first two parts not online because I had to learn how to control everything - it also was my first time with a PlayStation. My boyfriend showed me Journey some weeks ago and now I want to try it by myself. I enjoyed the beautiful landscape and got a pretty long scarf by finding a lot of glyphs.

In the third part, the desert, online now, I met about three companions. I lost all of them because I tried too hard getting a glyph. As I gave up, I went along alone. I was so happy to meet someone at first that I went chirping around him an freaking out - I think he left me because I was too overly attached ;) .

I got a companion in the sunken city and the tower. He or she got hit by the evil creatures and lost most of her or his scarf which makes me sad. But it was fun to go along together anyway. Sadly, I lost him or her shortly before the mountain. We didn’t know that you could get disconnected by those scarf-stealing things! That scared me and ich was running around and chirping for him or her a while.

I had to finish my journey alone, which was pretty hard and a bit sad. I DON’T wanted to go alone to the paradise. Even I liked it there, I will surely play again - this time I wont go alone, I promised to me.

P.S. I made a lot of fanart recently, maybe I will send you some later.

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This is how a bad connection can look like … worst scenario case :/

they were a really nice companion, it was their second run through and I learned afterwards they did not noticed that something was not right

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My First Journey 

I was brought to this game by a friend and fellow video game enthusiast who had played it and was now insisting that I did the same, and I cannot stress how grateful I am that he did. He sat me down with a controller and watched me play, he seemed almost as excited as I was.

I immediately thought how beautiful the world was despite it being made up of mostly sand, there was something rather elegant about the way it shifted with the wind and beneath my feet. As I crested the first hill and looked upon the Mountain in the distance for the first time I had a sense of real excitement, like I was about to have a real adventure but I had no idea just how much of an adventure it would turn out to be.

I enjoyed the first level for teaching the basics and especially crossing the bridge to the second level, but I was alone. I met another red cloaked figure but he stood still and unresponsive so I moved on into the second level. I explored the area finding creatures who seemed to have been imprisoned, they darted through the air around me chirping and cheeping as they did. In want of some company, I followed them finding that they took me to more of their kind who were also locked up. Then the moment where I started to love the game arrived: He found me, the one who inspired me to write this in the first place. He appeared beside me as if from nowhere, his white robes and long scarf billowing in the wind. As a complete stranger to this world I was amazed by his robes yet I knew immediately that this was not his first Journey. We exchanged greetings and set off together and I felt even more excited. As we progressed through the level together it became quickly apparent that he was taking me with him to all the hidden murals and scarf upgrades that I might not have found by myself. Not only that, but he taught me to fly as well and soon we had our jump and sing coordination so tight that we could fly almost infinitely, it was a truly incredible feeling.

As we moved forward on our quest I started to realise that our not having any voice chat or text boxes to communicate was not a problem, we didn’t need them anyway, all we needed was to be able to sing to one another. Despite the lack of words I felt as though we understood one another absolutely perfectly whether it be to say “follow me”, “where are you” or “I’m over here”, whether it be for a warning of danger ahead or just to make some music together, I felt like we were in complete unison with one another and after a while I even started to feel a deep connection to my white-robed companion. I firmly believe that having voice chat or text available would have spoiled this effect.

By the time we started our final ascent of the mountain I realised our time together would soon be coming to an end and that filled me with a great sadness, I never wanted this adventure to end. We had flown, sandsurfed down hills, avoided guardians, sung and travelled together, all for relatively short time in the real world but in my complete immersion it had felt like a truly huge and epic adventure, like we had a real story to tell of our journey. But it wasn’t over yet, we started our assault on the Mountain. As the wind grew ever stronger my friend guided me through the cold, I tried to keep as close to him as possible as my scarf was being eaten away by the freezing temperatures.

To my horror, we were confronted by another Guardian, this one was mobile and searching for us. We darted towards shelter to avoid it’s gaze but too late, it had me zeroed in and it struck me several meters back down the hill and out of sight of my companion. My once long and flowing scarf had been frozen and slashed down almost to nothing and I had no energy to jump back. I got back up and pushed myself back up the hill desperate to find my friend. I called as I went but I was so cold that I couldn’t make much noise, I thought I was doomed, all I could see through the blizzard was the Guardian circling around trying to find me. But then I noticed a different shade of white pulsing out of the corner of my eye: It was him calling me. My heart jumped for joy as I struggled over to him and into the shelter, we could still finish this together.

I followed him again through the ruins ever avoiding the eye of the Guardian until the exit was finally within sight, we prepared to make the final dash but at the last moment before the Guardain passed overhead, in my efforts to charge my scarf from my companion, I accidentally pushed him outside enough for him to be seen. We ran again trying to escape the beast but he was too quick and this time it was my friend who was hit. His scarf tore in two but he was still alive as I flew over to him and helped him back to shelter. This time we waited until our hunter was clear and made a dash for freedom. We had made it through, the summit was in sight, but the wind grew stronger and stronger to the point that we were clearly beginning to grow tired. The wind died down as we passed above it but our footsteps grew slower and slower and slower, I wondered whether we would make it or not.

I think it is testament to the power of this game that when my companion dropped to the ground in front of me, I cried out “No!”, I was so immersed in it that I forgot I was sat in a comfy chair just playing a game. Then I fell as well and I begged for it not be the end, praying that I would at least get a chance to bid my friend farewell. When I awoke and shot skywards, now being given the chance to fly with the creatures I had met along the way and my white-robed companion I felt pure joy and I revelled in every moment until we made the final ascent together and I knew it was time to say goodbye. 

We chirped and sang, jumped and danced around one another for a few minutes, myself simply trying to express the gratitude I felt towards him for having stayed with me since our meeting, for teaching me to fly, for showing me things I probably would have missed and most of all for being my friend and mentor. He had even showed me how to get white robes of my own. I would genuinely miss him weherever he was and I would certainly never forget the adventure we shared together. With a few final chirps we headed down the corridor of light and went our seperate ways.

If by some miracle you are read this, I know it’s extremely unlikely, thank you again my white-robed friend. Thank you for sharing in and enriching my first Journey, I will now put on my own white robes and hope to do the same with others.

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