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I didn’t submit a vid for a long time now :D but …. I think its time again …
I finally had a wonderful Journey with a Companion I waited a long time to Journey with, since I joined the ThatGameCompany-Forum in August 2012 (I´m not a member anymore though), we did meet sometimes but were disconnected always very soon, sometimes right in BB sometimes in PD, so we never had a full Journey together … until last Friday :)

we were both late for the event, were again disconnected in PD but managed to reconnect in SC … I recorded the complete Journey and made a couple of Highlight Vids … this is one of them …

all about UG :D … I love this vid the most because after I had cut it I thought its so long I have to add some music and put in some songs from Blackmill and when I watched the result I was amazed how perfectly they fit with the Journey as if they were just made for this :)

AAAAAAAAAAND … for the first time since I´m able to coast I, together with my Companion, managed to do a full Underground coast round = high above in the glitch, once around the main field, over the golden fields way out in the glitch, through the colored symbol fields, the semiblackness and back to the Tower … it takes about 10 minutes to do a full circle and we not once had to adjust the coast … it was just effortless with him

It was all in all one of the best Journeys I ever had :D

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Amazing Friend, Amazing Journey 

On a whim I hopped on Journey today - I was determined to find someone to hop around with to have a good time. Ever since I first played with a friend I’ve not been able to enjoy things quite as much alone… I was happy at first - I ran into another white cloak in the bridges area, but they vanished before I could even get to them. Disheartened, I moved on to the pink sands… I lingered and took my time, but nothing. no one. Still, I carried on. Even alone the Journey is amazing, if a little bit lonely.

Imagine my surprise when I dropped into the sand sliding level and down hopped someone with me! I’ve never run into someone there unless they joined me in the previous level…but oh I was just over the moon! We raced about in the sand, and I…well I TRIED to help them get the up high glyph in the middle part. I’m apparently just AWFUL at boosting people. Still, they seemed okay with us being unable to do it and we moved on. The whole rest of the Journey was wonderful! Side by side, chittering away with each other, dancing side to side on the paths and spinning around each other. I spent a lot of time trying to get them caught in my scarf, and often found myself with hers over my own shoulders. Just utter awesome.

We both had a habit of chirping madly when any of the flying beasts came on the screen, and together we navigated the sand and snow with more grace than I usually manage on my solo trips. We did fall down at the windy part in the snow, and I got blown back once too, but we stuck together. If either got behind the other’d go back for them.Once we reached the top we both ended up drawing heart after heart in the snow, and ended together with one big heart - we each drew half, in sync. It was as if we were of one mind, and just made me so very happy. <3 Then into the light…and an eager wait through the credits to finally learn who I’d traveled with - SaraSation, if you spot this, you were amazing, you were wonderful, and you just made my night! Maybe I’ll see you again in the sands! :D

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This white cloak joined me on my journey, and I was ecstatic to have a companion since I didn’t know much of the game. They guided me through everything, showed me every single last one of those scarfs, and did their best to show me every secret in the game! I was so grateful to have met them, so when it was time to go, when we were nearing the end, I drew a heart with them. Though the first time didn’t come out to well, becauseitlookedlikeabrokenhearttobehonest, but I made sure to draw one myself to show how thankful I was. 
To that special companion, I thank you with all my heart.

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I once met up with a friend who chirped nonstop for the whole game. I started to do the same and it became something of a challenge to see who could make the last sound. 

Doing so made the blizzard part much sadder. Like a couple constantly calling out for each other until there cries were completely muffled over.

(though i think it made us move even slower in the snow)

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First Time 

Last night was my first ever time playing on co-op mode as I finally begged my dad to let me use his account. Let me just say that playing with a partner is probably my favorite experience I’ve had playing Journey. On the first level I found a white cloak who seemed happy to meet me. They were so helpful to me and were able to put up with my gaming incompetence. I nicknamed them Friend and they helped me find a bunch of hidden Symbols. If you read this, (psn name R4v3nBr41n or something of the like) and I hope you do, know that you helped make my Journey experience super magical and amazing!
psn name kburke

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Is there a text limit to your submissions?

I don’t believe so. If you submit a very long post, however, it would be great if you could put most of the text under a cut :)

While I was playing Journey earlier, I got to the ending with my partner, and they started drawing hearts in the snow for me. I thought it was the sweetest thing. They were the first partner I went through the whole game with. I know this isn't a question, but I thought I would share with you. It made me appreciate the game and also the players more.

Thank you for sharing! Drawing hearts in the snow at the end has become somewhat of a Journey tradition. I’m really glad you got to experience it with such a great companion! <3

this probably wasn't intentional but i noticed another thing. At the very end when you enter the mountain, if you have a companion your silhouettes creates the same shape as the mountain top. i thought that was really sweet even if it maybe wasn't intentional. if it was tho, it's a very nice touch :)

That is a beautiful touch! I think it was intentional. How wonderful! :)

Usually when I play Journey I’m a little impatient so I always use the while robe but I always make sure to stick with any one that needs a bit of help and never go ahead of them. When I meet white robes they always tend to speed ahead of me since they know how to fly faster. One play through I was trying to help a red robe but they left at the end of the third area. Just as I was about to finish the fourth area, I met another white robe. When we got to the end of that stage he showed me how to get to a glitch area that was out of bounds and we both just sat there and admired the scenery. After we went back as we were going through the play through he allowed me to stop every once in a while and sit down to admire the scenery, which I didn’t do often because I tend to not want to lose my companion so I always try to keep up. But this companion was the first to ever let me truly admire the beauty of the game

Thank you Arturo_racer for the great journey.

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