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stephen king, dreamcatcher.


I never did learn your name. We never even spoke. You were my silent companion through a turbulent voyage, and we shared a bond that neither of us could put into words.

We met as I coasted down a hillside, carried by wind and gravity. One second I was admiring the setting sun in the distance, wishing I could capture the moment, and the next you were beside me.

Cautiously we traversed the sea’s depths, avoiding the gaze of a fearsome creature that lurked below. I caught its sight, and as you reached safety I narrowly made it through.

I followed you as we ascended to the top of a tower, sprinting behind you to diminish the distance as you opened the various gates that stood between us and our shared end point.

We battled gales at the foot of a mountain. Finally I was done trailing, as I found shelter from the gusts that knocked us back and signaled for you to take refuge with me. We each found ourselves torn from the other: me, by a burst of wind that effortlessly threw me back, and you, by the breath of another of these creatures. I made it up the cliffs first, and waited for you at the end.

Approaching a frozen summit, I watched you collapse, and I fell soon after.

I don’t know how I made it through, but when I awoke I was granted a strange second wind. I soared onward toward my destination, now finally within reach. When I saw a figure not far in front of me, I felt relief in seeing that you had also survived our ordeal.

We met up at the peak, where we crossed that threshold to rebirth together. I wondered if, in the next life, I might see you again.

All was well.

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This is a little less about the actual game play but the game. I added a friends friend on PSN but had never talked with him. He saw that I had played journey and we set up a day to chat about it. We instantly clicked and now after a year of knowing him, he is my best friend and I love him so much. This game brought us together and I am so thankful for that. We were able to share our experience together and that is what connected us for the first time. 

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This game…. 

So I originally played Journey last year and had some great experiences on about 3 playthroughs. After about 6-8 months away, I returned. 

I started on my own and was on my own for a while. I came across the “flying scarfs” and kind of had the mindset that I was their freer from their respective cages and I thought it was a great metaphor for nature and wildlife etc. 

I found a good few glyphs to help elongate the scarf that various companions had shown me on seperate journeys. I actually thought, up to after the sandslide sequence through the city, that this would be my first lone journey. That prospect was cool, love something different and this game has never been repetitive, so it was intriguing….then a person in a scarf appeared.

It was at the gate before the cave where the lizards/dragons spring to life. Their scarf was small, they moved around slowly, looking confused. I moved towards them and spoke to them. Whenever they were heading in the wrong direction, I would bleep multiple times and wait for them. They seemed to be confused at first, like I had something to gain or steal from them.

We manoeuvred through the caves and found ourselves at the rising tower of sand. I activated the mechanism and started to rise up the levels until I looked back and my companion was nowhere to be seen. I looked down and bleeped for a reaction, nothing. I dropped back down and found my companion at the ground level, moving around confused. They couldn’t figure out how to get to higher ground, I showed them that you have to “speak” to the jellyfish creatures and they rise you up. I was there for 5 minutes, repeating the motion until, finally they understood.

It was so strange, I felt like a mentor to this person and I believe they were shocked at how I was not only waiting for them but helping them also. We got out of the tower.

When we got to the snow, our relationship had developed where we would keep close to keep the energy of our scarves high and whenever I would go off in the distance, I would hear beeps, so I would wait up. Then we got to the wind hitting the stones, where you have to hide behind them. I showed my companion how to do it and they bleep twice, which is I’m guessing “Thank You”. 

As we got to the snowfield where the dragons were monitoring, I remember moving around the edges to keep out of their eyeline, my companion got noticed because they were to far near the centre and they got hit. I ran over and bleeped and gave them energy and they didn’t make the mistake again. We got to one of the glyph walls and unlike every other time where I would get there first and activate them, I waited for my companion and let them do it. I felt like a mentor, it was crazy. We got to the peak and only then had it dawned on me. I’ve been in this situation before…

On my first playthrough, a white robed companion with a long scarf showed me to glyphs and helped me along, teaching me and I realised…6 months ago, I was who my companion is now. It just proved how diverse this game is in its simplicity. We were on our last legs and I let my companion go ahead of me, it was their time and I wanted them to get to “the great place” quicker.

In “the great place” I was disappointed not to see them flying through the skies with me. But I just know that they were at their own place.

It was the 4th or 5th time I had played this game and once again, it gave me something completely new.

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I played Journey for the first time on Mother’s Day. My sister got a borrowed PS3 and the game for my mother to play first, and once she was done it was finally my time to shine.

I already knew what the game had beforehand — multiplayer. I had watched the first level of the game, but I had forgotten. What I knew for sure however was that I wanted a partner whom I could finish the game with. 

I met my first partner during the bridge area. They were nice, and really fun, but we didn’t stay together a lot. They kept moving ahead before me, so I let them go on and continued alone. By the time I got to the first part where you see the shooting star land on the ground, I saw another player and approached them. They chirped at me a few times, we played around with each other, but I still felt like they didn’t want me to follow them either, so I stayed behind. We were walking side by side and I suddenly stopped, watched them walk away…

…And then they turned around and chirped at me, almost as if they were asking me what was wrong.

I choked up. For some reason that simple gesture just meant so much to me, and I felt so much joy that I flew up to them and chirped happily for them. We continued the game together from then on, waiting for each other whenever one of us got somewhere first, helping our scarves, showing each other things.

When we got to the part with the Guardians we kept each other close and safe, but I still managed to get caught and lost a part of my scarf. My partner had ran away in the opposite direction from me, but I still saw them run back towards me chirping quickly as I staggered back to my feet. They helped me get to a symbol to recover some of my scarf, making sure I grabbed it first.

It continued like that even when we both got to the windy bridge. We kept at it side by side, no matter what, and if one of us was swept behind, the other followed. When I accidentally fell off the bridge, they followed me and chirped for me. We were inseparable.

So imagine my surprise when, by the end, when I revived, I couldn’t see them anywhere. I was shocked; maybe they disconnected? Maybe the final level was a lone wolf thing? I continued on, sad at being alone, but marveled still.. and then I heard the chirping.

There they were, in the beam of golden light, waiting for me as usual.

I could’ve cried. I did. I was so happy and relieved that I drew a heart in the snow for them, chirping back whenever they did in thanks. We walked side by side to the end, chirping, and we always waited for each other if one fell behind, making sure we were next to each other until it wasn’t possible anymore.

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I just finished my very first playthrough of Journey.  It was so beautiful!  At first, I was apprehensive about other people being able to join me at random, as I suffer from some pretty bad social anxiety, but then, I started to understand what makes this game so wonderful.  You meet someone, and you go on a journey together.  No words, no interaction, just…  Being together.  It opens us up to that child-like “I just met you on the playground, but let’s be friends” mentality.  I had so much fun adventuring with other players!  Running through the sand, swimming through the tower, and everything else was just so peaceful and great!  What a lovely game…

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Video made by BokoJay :)

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I cried when we entered the last gate together. I wrote you a heart in the snow and you wrote back the eternity symbol. Love eternally. I was feeling lonely and then you came and we had the grandest adventure of them all. Thank you HighKingDom.

The Pink Desert
Painted by jusTeasing.(You can find my art blog here.)
~ ♥ ~

The Pink Desert

Painted by jusTeasing.
(You can find my art blog here.)

~ ♥ ~

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Last night my girlfriend came over to play video games. When we were looking through what I had we really weren’t sure what we wanted to play. I had remembered her saying to me months ago that she’d like to play Journey sometime so I suggested it and she gladly said yes.

I started the game up and handed her the controller and she said “no, you play. I’ll watch.” So I pressed up on the analog stick and started the journey. I explained to her a few things about the game since she didn’t really know very much about it.

This was the first time in a long time that I had played Journey all the way through in one sitting. It was awesome to take it all in again and to experience it with her. She really loved it and I loved how she reacted to it.

I feel like a lot of people have shared special moments with the strangers they’re journeying with. I’ve certainly had some memorable moments. Experiencing the game with her this time was really special, though.

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